Peshawari, ITC Maratha


We had dinner out with some friends on Friday night. This time we went for Indian to Peshawari at the ITC Maratha. It is a great spot for what they call frontier food – food which is generally described as that originating from Punjab, Gujarat and various other parts of Rajasthan. It is not as heavy on the sauces as some of the northern Indian dishes and is often slow cooked in the tandoori oven.

The servings at Peshawari are huge with a fair selection of veg and no veg options. We ordered the leg of lamb which was flavourful and juicy, the chicken in gravy with peppers (forgot the name of the dish) which I think is my favourite chicken dish so far to have in India and a paneer masala curry which was also delicious. You eat the food with your hands and wipe up your plate with the bread which is entirely appropriate for this kind of feast. Once again I forgot to take pictures of the food and remembered too late at the end when it was all polished off! 




Francesco’s Pizzeria


I’m on a quest to find the best pizza in Mumbai. When I was in HK, I ate some yummy NY style pizza at Paisano’s and that’s exactly the kind of pizza I’m craving these days. So for our first attempt we went to Francesco’s Pizzeria in Kemp’s Corner.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

A tiny space designed more for take out than eat in, we ordered the Eggplant Parmesan pizza and the Chicken BBQ pizza. Aside from an antipasti platter and a few desserts, the menu is limited to pizzas. The pizzas came out on a very very thin crust but overall I found the pizzas too dry for my liking. Francesco’s did have some nice hot sauce which helped the pizza go down better but it’s definitely not worth a repeat trip for me.


Eggplant Parmesan Pizza

Hakkasan Mumbai


We had a nice dinner out with some friends on Friday night at Hakkasan. The Michelin starred eatery opened its doors here in Mumbai a few months ago and there has been nothing but praise for the restaurant. The restaurant is seductive, dark and romantic and is the fanciest place I have dined in Mumbai yet. Stupidly I forgot to take pictures so unfortunately for you, this post is going to be image-less.

I thought the overall experience was very nice. The service was attentive and the food came out promptly. For starters we ordered the Crispy aubergine and okra, crispy duck rolls and salt and pepper squid. I especially like the aubergine and okra. They were both friend to a nice crisp and the coating was thin and flaky. The duck roll was the biggest disappointment – perhaps because I was hoping it would be more like a Peking Duck.

For the mains we had the Chilean Seabass with Szechuan Peppers, Kung Pao Chicken, Hakka braised pork belly, and Bak Choi stir fried in Garlic. The quality of the ingredients is obviously top notch, however, the problem I had with the food was that the sauces were all too similar for 3 very different dishes. Don’t get me wrong the taste and flavours were nice but it was just all too similar! The Chilean seabass had so little Szechuan peppers that you couldn’t even taste or feel the numbing effect, the Kung Pao Chicken had just about 6 -7 cashews sprinkled on top and nothing else and the pork belly was not as tender as I hoped. But ultimately I found the 3 dishes to taste to similar to each other and the sauces to be too much like what I think of as glorified Chinese American take out. The only redeeming item was the Bak Choi, it was so refreshing b/c it was lathered in the same sauce and it wasn’t overly oily or fried.

Since I was still hungry I ordered the Chocolate Mousse with Masala Chai granita. This was actually quite delicious. The mousse was very choclatey and the granita was nicely flavoured with hints of cinnamon. I just wish there was more of it – the granita I mean!

Overall – despite my negative opinion of the mains, I would go back and try a few other dishes.

Cafe Zoe


It is nice to be back in Mumbai and back in our own apartment. Even despite the fact that upon our return we discovered that Emilie’s A/C was not working and neither was the toilet in her room, it is nice to be back and getting on with our lives again.

We decided to sign Emilie up for morning classes at Kidville for the next two weeks because she gets too bored at home. So we went over to Kidville in Worli to sign her up and decided to check out Cafe Zoe for lunch.


The cafe can be a bit hard to find so make sure you have your driver call for directions. We instantly loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. It was spacious and bright with a few comfy sofa seats as well as plenty of table seating. It wasn’t overly crowded at 1115am which meant that we could relax and that service was swift and attentive.

David ordered the Turkey Pastrami on a baguette with fries, plus a Greek salad while I ordered a Sweet Potato and Leek soup plus the Ham and Cheese. I enjoyed the Turkey Pastrami the best. The Ham and Cheese was too salty for my liking. The soup was nice but a bit too sweet – almost as if they added sugar to it. I finished the meal off with the lime sorbet which had a nice balance of tart and sweet and was also very refreshing.Image

We are keen to revisit Cafe Zoe and try out other items in their menu.

Emilie in Hong Kong


Hong Kong was also wonderful not just for the food but because there are just so many more things for Emilie to do! Where my parents live in Residence Bel-Air, there is a multitude of playgrounds (indoor and outdoor), plus, swimming pools and grass areas and there are always other kids out and about. So keeping her entertained was not a problem.

Emilie walking barefoot on grass in Bel-Air



Even if you don’t live in a place like Bel-Air, there are still plenty of attractions for children around Hong Kong. We took Emilie to the Aviary in Hong Kong Park.

Aviary at Hong Kong Park

And also to the Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It’s not really a zoo – mostly just monkeys but still a nice thing to do.

Monkey see monkey do

Hong Kong…Home Sweet Home


I haven’t posted in a while because I just spent the last 2 weeks in Hong Kong. It was wonderful to be back home. I ate some delicious food – mostly mum’s cooking but also revisted some of my favourite haunts.

Chirashi Bowl at Irori

The Chirashi bowl is my go to dish at Irori. In addition to offering incredible value with their lunch sets, their fish is fresh and their udon is scrumptious.

Hawaiian Pizza at Paisano

The Paisano pizza on Hollywood Road gets especially busy late in the evening as bar goers make a pit stop to fill up their alcohol filled bellies. I also joined in this tradition (minus the alcohol) and found the Hawaiian pizza to be an especially satisfying midnight snack.

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without having some dim sum. We tried a new place in Central that was recommended by my mother-in-law’s friend. I was quite impressed with the food though the service was a bit inattentive. Nevertheless, I would definitely go back.

I’m not usually a fan of this deep fried tofu dish but I found it incredibly moist and flavourful.

Morning Glory

The morning glory cooked in fu-yu was absolutely delicious!

Shu Mai (Pork and Shrimp Dumplings)

I have to be honest – I’m really not a fan of the traditional Shu Mai – I’m more partial to the crappy  7-11 version so I didn’t even try it but it looked good!

Cha Siu Bao (BBQ Pork Bun)

One of my favourite dim sum dishes.

Beef noodles

Another classic dish. It wasn’t too oily which it can be sometimes.

Fried Pork

I’m used to less fat on this dish but it was still nice and crispy – but I still prefer the one at West Villa or Lei Garden.

Sadly that was the extent of my food photography. I did also go eat Pho Tai (Beef Pho) at Nha Trang, Kung Pao Prawns at Night Market and Dim Sum again but at the Deep Water Bay Golf Club. All delicious and worthy of repeat visits.


2/F, Bartlock Centre, Yiu Wa Street , Causeway Bay  Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2838 5939


23 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2544 4445

Majesty Seafood Restaurant

3rd floor, Regent Centre building, 88 Queen’s Road, Hong Kong